Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flashnote Derby iPad App

I learned about this app from the Technology in Music Education blog (great blog, by the way). You can read Mr. Russell's summation of the app on his blog here. The app is Flashnote Derby which is a drill and practice app for note names. It costs 99 cents. There are several of these kinds of apps out there, but this one sets itself apart in a couple of different ways.

1. The app allows you to pick which notes you want to drill. You can pick treble clef, bass clef, both or you can even more specific and just drill line notes or space notes.
2. After the game is complete, you have the option to go back and review the notes you missed.

I'll be using this app as soon as school starts next week.


  1. does this for free.

  2. The iPad app (Tenuto) costs $3.99. This app is (or was) 99 cents and since it is game-like works very well for the elementary students I teach. has good information, but is not the best choice for me with my students because we do not have access to computers in my room and because it's too much information in one place for younger students to have to sort through.