Friday, September 9, 2011

Here We Go! The start of the school year and WBT

Whew! We're done with the first week of school. Are you all as tired as I am? Those first week weeks with Kindergartners just about does me in. It was a good week though. I'm excited about this year.

We got information about PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) last week. For the first quarter, the whole staff will be studying topics in reading. While I know how important reading is, it does not help me improve myself in the teaching of music. I started thinking that I would rather start learning about a topic that has recently been widely discussed on the Music K-8 Listserv: Whole Brain Teaching. I know nothing about it, but quite a few music teachers on The List are using it and have good things to say about it. I emailed my principal and asked if the phy ed teacher, the art teacher, and I could create our own PLC to explore WBT (whole brain teaching). She said yes! Woo hoo! I am very excited about this.

I have had no time to really pursue this (we haven't started PLCs yet), but I've gathered just a tiny bit of information on The List. I promptly went to the Whole Brain Teaching website and registered. There are several ebooks available for download there. There are also a lot of You Tube videos on the topic.

I'll post more about this when I've had a chance to learn more and try some of it in my classroom.

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