Monday, August 8, 2011

SMARTboard Gallery Collections

I'm preparing to do some SMARTboard training at our teacher inservices in a couple of weeks. While I was looking for some links to include in my presentation, I found some Gallery Collections that were of interest to me for my music classes. Hopefully some of you will find them useful too. These Gallery Collections include some items that aren't in the Gallery Essentials that installed with your Notebook software.

Music Pages - This is a gallery Collection of pages that are helpful. This includes a blank staff on a page, as well as a grand staff on a page, and a fun Note name game featuring Ricci Addams note trainer. (description from the SMART Exchange site). This is only 3 pages and the Note Game looks fun, but I wonder if it is only useable on the 800-series boards the way it is in the file. You could 
just delete one of the sides if your board can only have one user at a time.

Notes, Clefs, and Staves - This is a gallery collection that includes blank staff, clefs, and notes for use. (description from the SMART Exchange site). There are a couple of items that I didn't already have. Some items are repeats, however.

There is also a Circle of Fourths (which I've always called the Circle of Fifths) collection. I didn't download it because it's not something I teach in my classes.

If you go to the SMART Exchange and do a search, you will also be able to find a Holidays Gallery,  a Celebrations Gallery, Friendship Gallery, Winter Images Gallery, Spring Images Gallery and possibly more that would be of interest to you.

Simply download the files and click on them to open them. They will automatically be added to your "My Content" file in the Gallery of SMART Notebook.

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