Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go Animate!

For those of you who are also members of the Music K-8 listserv, I apologize that you will sometimes see things reposted here. I promise there will also be ideas and sites that aren't gleaned from The List. If you don't belong to the Music K-8 listserv, I will write about it shortly.

Another music teacher posted about this great site called Go Animate! It allows you to create your own short animations. I can see possibilities for this in the classroom. I am thinking about the possibility of having 5th graders make short movies of people explaining musical terms or of themselves interviewing a composer. You would need access to regular computers since the site is Flash based and will not work with iPads.

Here is a video I made today. I spent so much time messing around with it that I nearly burned the soup I had on the stove. Whoops! It's kind of addicting. If you know my friend Kristen Lukow, you will notice that my video is nearly identical to hers. I asked permission to copy her ideas because I really liked so much of what she had to say.

Here's the animation I made. I plan to use it in my first lesson of the year. Welcome to Music by bjahn

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

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